Tuux Community Guidelines

Following the Tuux Community Guidelines will make Tuux a safe and fun place for everyone to share art!

These Community Guidelines are effective on April 15, 2015.

Read this if you are short of time:

  1. Post photos of artwork only.
  2. If you have doubts on if you have the right to post a picture of a particular artwork, do check.
  3. Be respectful.
  4. Don’t spam.
  5. Have fun and Enjoy Tuuxing!

Read this if you have more time:

The detailed Community Guidelines below have been created in order to help you understand the best practices as a member of the Tuux community. By utilizing Tuux you are also subject to our Terms of Use.

What to do:

  1. Do share photos that you’ve taken (of artwork only). Tuux is a great way to share artwork around you or from the places you visit, but we have to ask that you don’t share someone else’s photos without prior permission. If you want to express your excitement over an artwork it’s best to comment or rate a photo.
  2. Do share photos that are appropriate for all ages. Remember that our community is a diverse one, and that your posts are visible to people as young as 13 years old. While we respect the artistic integrity of photos, we have to keep our product and the content within it in line with our App Store’s rating for mature content.
  3. Do treat others, as you would like to be treated. People from around the world with different backgrounds come together to share artwork on Tuux, which is great, but it also means that not everyone will agree with what you think or believe. We ask that everyone be polite and respectful in his or her interactions with other members.
  4. Do have meaningful & genuine interactions. Self-promotion or commercial solicitation of any kind, in any form, is rarely well received. People often notice when you have posted the same comment elsewhere or have followed a large number of accounts to gain followers in return, so please be sincere with your exchanges on Tuux.
  5. Do have fun! Tuux is the best way to quickly share beautiful photographs and videos of your life with others, and see the world through others’ eyes.

What not to do: It is important to note that overstepping the boundaries outlined below may result in a suspended or disabled account, or discontinued access to Tuux, without warning.

  1. Don’t share photos that you know have copyright infringement.
  2. Don’t share photos that show graphic/violent/mature content. It is a grey area when it comes to artwork. But be cautious. And know what you are posting.
  3. Don’t share photos of illegal content. If you are reported for sharing prohibited or illegal content, your account may be disabled and we will take appropriate action, which may include reporting you to the authorities. Additionally, it is neither possible nor permitted to complete transactions involving regulated goods on our platform. If your photos are promoting the sale of regulated goods or services, including firearms, alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, or adult products, we expect you to make sure you’re following the law and to encourage others to do the same.
  4. Don’t spam. Tuux is a place where people can share artwork from around the world and when you engage in self-promotional behavior of any kind on Tuux it makes people who have shared that moment with you feel sad inside. This guideline includes repetitive comments, as well as service manipulation in order to self-promote, and extends to commercial spam comments, such as discount codes or URLs to websites. We ask that you keep your interactions on Tuux meaningful and genuine.
  5. Don’t be rude. Tuux is a friendly place where everyone should feel safe and comfortable sharing artwork of their interest & discuss the same. It is not an appropriate place to abuse, attack, harass, or impersonate others. If we receive valid complaints about your conduct, we’ll send a warning or disable your account. Alternatively, we’d recommend people block all bullies & trolls to prevent further issues.

Additional Notes

Tuux is a diverse community, and it is likely that you will come across things that offend you. If a photo that may not violate any of the above guidelines offends you, we’d suggest you navigate away from the account. If you are unsure about the content, you can report it to us. If you believe you will have trouble following these guidelines we’d suggest finding an alternative artwork sharing service, as Tuux may not be the best place for you. We value these guidelines, and believe that they will help keep Tuux a safe & fun place for everyone. If you need further information, you can check out our Terms of Use.

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