Frequently Asked Questions

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Let's Tuux it!

Create your account, then visit the Collections - icon on the bottom toolbar in iOS and from the Index dropdown in Android. Scroll through the artworks and follow other Tuuxers to start your News Feed. You can set Notifications unders Settings to get more Artworks to your Newsfeed. The Tuux BAR at the bottom of the page for iOS and the Index Dropdown in Android is where you can find everything you need to become an active Tuuxer: Collections, Tours, and Settings. The Tuux BUTTON at the bottom of the page in iOS and the + Sign in Android is where you can ADD NEW ARTWORKS - with the camera; CREATE NEW COLLECTIONS - based on your own criteria; CREATE NEW TOURS - based on the artworks you want to tour. This is it. Most importantly, enjoy all the artworks, and add your own!. TIP: use a tag for the CITY/COUNTRY you are in and this will help create collections.
These are artworks based on the criteria that you choose. You can create new collections in the Settings.
Use the Tuux button in iOS and the + Sign in Android. This will bring up a camera icon. Then you can choose to take a new photo or add a photo from your phone library. Depending on your location, Tuux will list other artworks that might be the same artwork and you can choose if yours is the same. If it is, add your photo to this artwork to create a gallery. If your artwork is new – use the Add New Artwork. Be sure to add any details for the new artwork - Location, Artist, Type. Too busy to add photos and details now? Not a problem - you can add the photos from your phone photo library when you have more time.
Yes! you can add or correct information for artworks. When you are on the details page of an artwork, use the ‘More’ link in the upper right of the screen. This will take you to a page where you can add/edit information – or make a comment. You can only delete artworks that you have uploaded yourself.
Tell your friends to download Tuux, create an account, and join the Tuuxer community. You can do this with the Share icon. Let them know the name of an artwork that you have created or commented on. When they search for and find that artwork, they will be able to follow you by clicking on your profile button. Then whenever you create, comment on, rate, or recommend an artwork, your followers will receive an update in their News Feed. It’s easy! BTW: when you follow your fellow Tuuxers, you will receive updates on your News Feed when they update an artwork. It's Fun!
You can create or assign tags when you add artworks. An excellent tag to use is the CITY or COUNTRY you are in. This will make it easy to create a collection for artworks in that city. You can create any other tags you want.
This is also in the Settings.
Tuuxers or artwork you are following! So, be sure to follow other Tuuxers and learn more about the art around the world!
Yes! You can take your photos now and then when you are relaxed you can add the artworks. From the Tuux Button, choose the camera/Photo icon - then Choose from Library. Then add it to the gallry of an existing artwork, or create a new artwork. Be sure to add information about the artwork! You can even add links to web pages about the artwork or the artist! Share your knowledge with the world!
Open the Tuux Button in iOS or the ‘+’ button in Android. Choose ‘New Tour’. Here you will name your Tour and add criteria. You add Tour Stops (Artworks) by hitting the ‘+’ sign. Then Search for the Artworks you want to add and enter comments. It is really handy to have a list of the works you want on your tour. Once you Save your new Tour, you can Share your tour with Tuuxers who are following you. Check out ‘How do the Tours work’ to learn about the cool features!
First create a Tour (see How do I create a Tour?). When you open the Tour you can Recommend, Rate and comment. When you want to start the tour - simply choose the Start Tour button. This will bring up all the Artworks on the Tour and will give directions to the next stop on the Tour. Pretty cool!
You can add or remove items and add comments by going to the edit options.

In iOS if you want to add an item to a tour you tap the + at the top of the page. To delete or modify an item open the tour and tap the tablet and pencil icon in the middle of the page. Then select "Tour Stops". On the page that opens select the item you want to change. The page you have chosen to edit will open. Make your edits and tap "Update".

To edit a Tour on an Android device first open the tour. In the upper right hand corner are three dots you can tap on that give you access to editing the tour. Tap the "+" for Tour Stops, and you can add more stops or edit the information in the individual items. When you are done tap the "submit" in the upper right and your edits are added.